Wholesale Jordan Shoes

Buying Big-time Sneakers for Cheaper Price

Michael Jordan’s sneakers probably have the most number of editions than any other signature basketball shoe that ever came out in the market. In fact, the numbers are so big that Jordan is now an independent brand of Nike.

In recent years, consumers have clamored for some Jordan Retros. These are the classic Air Jordans that have been re-released – most of them in original design while some are Air Jordan hybrids (like the Jordan Six Rings series, a basketball shoe inspired by the Air Jordans in Michael’s championship years). This demand has prompted Nike to re-launch the line and for independent distributors, especially those that are found online to come up with Wholesale Jordan shoes. Here you can buy different types of Air Jordans as well as the other sneakers in the Jordan brand at a cheaper price. And because they sell in bulk, buyers get them at a fraction of its original cost.

When buying wholesale Jordan shoes, buyers either buy in groups (the more units bought, the cheaper the price per shoe) or buy in big numbers and then resell it. What’s good about this is that Jordan fans can have just about any Jordan sneaker that came out, even the ones that are no longer in production. A word of advice, though: check if the distributor sells the authenticated shoes as there are others who sell China-made Class A imitations of Air Jordans. It’s a bit hard to distinguish which is which, but usually the genuine products have better stitches, detailed contours and durable materials.

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