The Craze of Black Air Jordans

Today’s generation waits eagerly for the launch of a new variety of sneakers by this company. Air Force Ones when launched was the first one to have a full length air sole. Many of you must have collected all the shoes of this series but still do you remember how many varieties have been released so far. Nike has launched many versions of Air Force Ones with names like Celebrity Exclusives, Special Holiday Shoes and Limited Colour Ways.

After the success and popularity of Air Force Once, Nike decided to launch a new variety of shoes in 1985. This time it was decided by the company to change the color and style of basketball shoes from white to black and red which were very uncommon but were also considered as devils colors. Thus, black Air Jordans were introduced.

The name of the shoe black Air Jordan was kept, while keeping in mind Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player. He was the brand ambassador of the product. There were lots of apprehensions in the initial stages of launch but it went on to become the most famous brands of Nike. Even today people love to have glance of it and dream to own one. The magic that Air Jordan created can be seen today as well in a youngster’s eye when he goes to buy an Air Jordan shoe for himself. Initially Air Jordan was launched as basketball shoe but later endorsed in many other products like sneakers, casual footwear, exclusive wears, women’s wear, men’s wear, children wear, bags and accessories. They introduced the concept of customized kicks. Many of us might have owned an Air Jordan once in our lifetime but in 1997 Nike gave up the ownership of Air Jordan. Even today Air Jordan is remembered as Nike’s brand.

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